Tuesday, July 16, 2013

TWD & BWJ: Summer Vegetable Tart

I was looking forward to making this Summer Vegetable Tart, this being summer and all. It doesn't need very long in the oven at all, so baking during the very hot weather isn't too much of a problem. I would say that this tart is a snap to make, but I hadn't worked with phyllo in a very long time and as you can see in the photo the results were less than photogenic.

I would say that the tart was a semi-success. Two out of three teenagers loved it and the third won't eat a veggie that is not broccoli, green beans or corn. I found the phyllo crust difficult to cut. So while the filling was delicious, I would pick another crust for the base.  Or, if I were to use phyllo dough again (I have a whole lot left over), I might make these as little tarts or bourekas.

To see how others fared with this tart check out Tuesdays with Dorie. Better yet, join us. There's always room for more.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

TWD & BWJ: Baked Yogurt Tart

I almost didn't make the Baked Yogurt Tart (page 378 from Baking with Julia). But I have missed so many other recipes from the book and frankly, this looked very easy to make. As it turns out it was easy to make. So why the reluctance?  Well, the recipe looked kind of bland. Plain, non-fat yogurt is the basis of this tart with some vanilla and fruit thrown in for good measure.  The tart is also a contradiction of sorts; the basis of the filling is non-fat, but it's encased in the loveliest, flakiest, crust loaded with butter and shortening.  Hmm...but also, yum.

Baked Yogurt Tart
This tart comes out very creamy and tangy. The vanilla flavor comes through. The blackberries would have a been a wonderful addition, but they were too sour. I had even let them sit in some sugar before adding them to the tart, but apparently I didn't add enough or I didn't let them sit long enough. Certainly, most any soft fruit could be added. Some of my fellow Tuesdays with Dorie bloggers added lemon zest and other flavorings. Next time, maybe I'll try adding cinnamon. Any recipe that is great on its own, yet allows for variation is a keeper in my book.