Tuesday, June 18, 2013

TWD & BWJ: Tomato Galette

I love pizza and was looking forward to this galette. It is made with cheese and tomatoes after all.  But -- lesson one -- a galette is no pizza and if you are considering  serving this as a main course for dinner, don't. It makes a great snack or appetizer, but I can only say that three teenagers and two adults went rather hungry last night. And this is after I made a full recipe for the galette dough instead of half. Even two galettes were not enough.

The second lesson for me is this: read the instructions through before starting and then read them again. Although I read the recipe a couple of times, I managed to forget to put the rolled out galette dough on the baking pan before adding the toppings and folding over the edges. Oh, rats. The galette, not very round to begin with, got rather misshaped in transference. It was tasty enough, but I think next time I want pizza, I will make pizza. The Oasis Naan (page 149 in Baking with Julia) or the pizza dough (page 157) are perfect for pizza.  The galette dough is better suited to a sweet, fruit filling