Monday, April 29, 2013

TWD & BWJ: Rustic Potato Loaves (Rewind Tuesday)

I began this blog with the best of intentions to participate regularly, but I find I have let three months go by without a word. In February 2011, I was unemployed and had loads of time to participate. In September 2012, I unexpectedly found a job and took on more volunteer responsibility at our small synagogue.  And while Pecan Sticky Buns, Best Ever Brownies and similar sugary treats were very, very tempting, I was also slowly gaining weight.  I decided a break was in order.

I haven't given up baking altogether. Now my weekly baking is with 3 and 4 year olds at the preschool where I work. The recipes have to be made start to finish within 30 to 45 minutes and made without dairy products or nuts. The main challenge is keeping all the kids interested, especially when we have eight or nine kids crowded around the table waiting for their turn to do something. And then there are the ones who would rather be playing with legos.

Frankly, I've missed the enjoyment of baking and learning from the amazing community of bakers that participate in Tuesdays with Dorie.  Rewind Tuesday gives me the opportunity to pick one of the many recipes I haven't made yet. Most of my successes with this group have been with bread,so. I picked Rustic Potato Loaves. The recipe was hosted by Dawn of Simply Sweet. Check out her site for the recipe and her wonderful variation.

Potato Loaves are simple to make. There's no kneading, but there is a lot of mixing. We are warned; the dough will fall apart and look like pie crust dough at first, but if you keep mixing and mixing and mix some more, it will come together. Even if you are using a trusty Sunbeam hand mixer. I didn't believe it would really work, but it did. I loved the texture of the bread. It was a bit salty for my liking, but definitely worth making again, just with less salt.  I served this with split pea soup on a cool Spring evening. It was a perfect meal.