Sunday, February 28, 2016

Roast Chicken with Cumin, Honey and Orange

The first time I made whole roast chicken I made one chicken for four adults and two little children. I watched nervously as we cut the chicken and worried there would not be enough chicken to go around. Luckily, we had enough. I suppose having grown up eating chicken every week that I figured a chicken would be similar to turkey; endless amounts of meat with lots left over...or maybe chickens were just larger in the sixties.  Lesson learned.

I've probably roasted more whole chickens over the years, but not that many. I prefer chicken cut up into pieces; it's easier to cook and to keep track of how much I really have. However, a Mark Bittman recipe popped up on my Facebook page and it looked too delicious to resist. It features citrus and cumin. I was cooking for two this weekend so having enough was not a problem. I had all the ingredients at home.  And it's potluck week at I Heart Cooking Clubs, so I guess this was meant to be.

The very easy recipe can be found here.  Because I am trying to use up items that have been sitting in my pantry, I used some old honey that was halfway crystallized. I was worried that it would burn, but it turned out fine.

The chicken comes out moist, but as Bittman points out, this is not because of frequent basting. The basting adds flavor. Keeping an eye on the chicken and turning it every ten minutes, keeps it moist. The chicken was really good. Although next time, I may make it using chicken pieces instead of whole chicken.

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  1. Yes, gorgeous color on the chicken. I think if I had to choose a favorite spice it would be cumin--and I love it paired with citrus too. ;-)

  2. I like how honey turns a chicken skin to such a gorgeous color. Love chicken, it's so versatile.

  3. I'm with you when it comes to roasting chicken. I prefer cut up chicken as they cook much faster! Your chicken looks delicious!

  4. This does look like a delicious roasted chicken. FYI, you can heat your honey in a pot of warm water to make the crystallization go away or in the microwave. Just be careful not to melt the container. I have had to do this many a time:)

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. It will come in quite handy.

  5. Who can resist a plump, moist and perfectly browned chicken? The cumin and orange juice combination sounds divine. Would go well in many dishes. Love it.


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  7. I love roasting chickens and am always looking for new flavors to use with it. thanks for this one.

  8. Your roast chicken looks perfect. I would definitely believe Bittman on the moistness. The basting is brilliant!

  9. Hi Judy:)
    I'm just popping over from Tina's blog to see what's cooking. Roasted Chicken!!!

    I know how you must have felt worrying about whether there would be enough chicken to go around especially since it looks so darn yummy! I've been known to wait until everyone has filled their plates before fixing mine; just in case:)

    Honey with cumin and citrus just bring this chicken over the top! (and yes, I do think chickens were larger back in the days when there were such things as "soup" chicken too, lol)

    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. You have a very inviting blog. I may just need to pop back for more inspiration, Louise