Saturday, December 5, 2015

Smoked Paprika Potato Chips

Its Nibbles and Noshes week at I Heart Cooking Clubs blog, featuring the recipes of Ellie Krieger.  For some time now, I've been interested in making potato chips at home. I love chips, but won't bring them into the house because frankly, I have no self-control. It really is a challenge to eat just one potato chip, or ten, or twenty.....

But if you make them at home, you don't have to make a whole lot of them. When you follow EK's recipe, you can bake them instead of frying them. This recipe features smoked paprika which is one of my favorite spices, so all in all, this was worth a try. 

An important part of the success of the recipe is a mandoline, so you can slice the potatoes 1/16 inch thick. It probably also helps to keep the slices fairly uniform as well. I don't own a mandoline and frankly during this, the giving season, I wasn't keen to spend any money on an implement I might use only once.  I decided to try my hand at slicing the potatoes with a knife. If I liked the recipe enough, I could always buy a mandoline later .... maybe during January sales.

Is the finished product worth buying a mandoline? I think so. Even when the potato slices were uneven and therefore some were crisp and some ... well, not so crisp, they were tasty. You can find the recipe at  Also, for other great ideas for nibbles and noshes go to I Heart Cooking Clubs.




  1. These potato chips have been on my radar to make. Kudos to you for using a knife and slicing them the old fashioned way. You did a great job! I love all that seasoning on them.

    I bought a small mandoline at TJ Maxx or Marshalls, can't remember which. I think it was less than $6. It came with a tray for making chips in the microwave and they are surprisingly good. Much more economical and healthy than buying them. One potato makes enough for one or two people and I like that you can season them however you wish. (This is me rationalizing your purchase of one during the giving season- ha ha!) It's a money savings ;-)

  2. Yeah, kudos to using a knife and slice them so prettily! I'd love a bowl of these chips please! :)

  3. Wonderful snack to munch on! I have been wanting to make this myself! Looks great!

  4. Paprika spiced potato chips without the extra oil is always a winner in my book. I use mandoline to thinly slice everything that my knife skills fail. Or in big project that requires a lot of slicing. It is a useful tool in my kitchen.

  5. I'm afraid of a mandoline because I'm a klutz. Cut myself horribly on the immersion blender so.....But your chips are amazing. Big chip fan, I am, so these are calling to me. Lovely browned color. Great job!

  6. Mandolines do make many jobs easier--as long as you are careful. ;-) I love smoked paprika and these chips look perfectly delicious to nibble on.