Tuesday, July 17, 2012

TWD & BWJ: Semolina Bread

I'm a day late with this week's recipe, Semolina Bread. I didn't anticipate how difficult it would be to find semolina flour and I left it to the last minute. Three of the four major grocery chains did not have it, but there is a new Italian market in town and this was the perfect excuse to check it out.  I also convinced my husband to come with me and enjoy an espresso.

This is a really, really easy recipe, but very time consuming; there are three (count 'em) rises, each two hours.  I benefited from the experience of other TWD/BWJ bloggers. There were comments about the saltiness of the bread, so I cut the amount of salt in half. Some bakers also said that the bread didn't rise very high, despite the long rising time. So, I didn't worry too much when my loaf looked like a fat pancake. Fortunately, the bread rose beautifully in the oven even though one would never call it a thick loaf. 

This recipe is a keeper. Now, that I have the semolina flour, the other ingredients -- flour, olive oil, yeast, salt -- are easy to find. The finished bread is chewy and delicious.  Anna and Renee are hosting this week's recipe. You will be able to find this wonderful recipe on their blogs.


  1. Your loaf turned out great! I really liked the texture of this bread. Chewy is good.

  2. This bread looks delicious, I love semolina :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  3. I agre about the time consuming part - 6 hours of rising! Your bread turned out great though.

  4. It looks like your loaf had risen nicely!

  5. Time consuming in WAIT times, but easy in application. And YUMMY! Your loaf looks fantastic!

  6. I am hving bred envy - what a wonderfully risen loaf!

  7. I liked the texture as well.
    Your loaf had some nice rise on it!

  8. Wow!!! So jealous!! That's some good size loaf! Mine was deflated. :(
    That Italian market sounds fancy and fun. I wish I had one close by. I would be sipping on an affogato...yum.

    1. I realized I made a mistake in saying the major grocery chains don't have semolina. In one store, I forgot to check to Natural Foods section and in another, I just missed the specialty flours. But I'm happy I went to the Italian market.

  9. I feel like i shouldn't have skipped this one.... it looks amazing!!!